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  • Electrical pneumatic plug lock
  • Electrical pneumatic plug lock
  • Electrical pneumatic plug lock
  • Electrical pneumatic plug lock
  • product description:

    Brand: Bo Yue security supplies

    Model: EP-03

    Color: dark red

    Material: ABS plastic

    Size: 79 * 95 * 170mm

    Description: Available Number of padlocks with a diameter less than 7mm: 4

    Packing: single plastic tape

  • QQ:453499317



【Safety Plug Lock - Electrical / Pneumatic Plug Lock EP-03】

a. made of engineering plastics ABS.

b. Double-open design Four-sided lock design, can be used for a variety of electrical plugs (maximum diameter of 8.9cm, maximum length of 12.7cm) and air hose external thread connector.

c. The holes in the lock can be used to lock the cable or to lock the downwardly bent pneumatic external thread fittings.

d. Up to 4 lock pads with a lock beam diameter ≤ 7mm.

product code



High * thick * wide (9.7 * 9.5 * 17) (cm), can lock 5 kinds of pneumatic lock

Aperture: 9.5 mm, 10.4 mm, 11.4 mm, 12 mm, 18.2 mm

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